Diversity: A hidden factor behind the success of successful Organizations

Nowadays, every business is competing with each other directly and indirectly. Everywhere, the competition is tough and organizations are trying to find ways, implement actions that can make them more strong in the market, more popular in the eyes of the target market and more prosperous all around. If we look at the arena, the stadium of the competition, the battleground of the companies (the market), we can see that many companies fail to compete from the start and perish in the tough competition that is continuous and exhausting, but many prosper and conquer because they try to find out the real deal, the “game changer”, the hidden facts that are not in the focus of the general public and people don’t focus on them but they play an important part in the success of organizations which apply those facts within themselves. One of these facts which is the main reason for many successful companies today is ‘diversity’.

Now many of you may think that ‘diversity’ is not as important as there are other factors that build a successful organization but the real fact is that diversity is the part of the past of many successful companies, a thing of the present as well as of the future. Many multinational companies employ people belonging to different geographical regions of the world. These people have different languages, culture, ethnicity and also have different believes. The narrow-minded owner of a company may think that employing different types of people may endanger the environment of the company and many employees will not get along if they have different ethnicity from each other but the reality is quite different and this oppose the above mentioned thought of that owner.

It is all about how an organization can manage its diversified workforce. A diversified workforce will bring innovative ideas, strong ethics, positive working environment, courage to face challenges (tough tasks), easiness in finding the right person for the right job and much more. Managing and coordinating the diversified workforce in a right way will get best positive results for the organizations.


Hussain Haider.


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