Taking care of workforce’s needs…

World is changing at a fast pace and so is the business world. Competition is getting tough in the market day by day and the survival is getting tougher and tougher every day. But for the best, it is not about the survival only, it is about winning the race from everyone else. To be on top and getting ahead from others if you are surviving and want to win, you need to keep your eye on many major and minor things for example: keeping your customers happy, exceeding the expectations of the customers, keeping your accounts and financials intact and up to date etc. Now there are many things that we need to take care of but there are many other things that many of us are recognizing the importance of and one of these things is to keep your employees satisfied and happy.

Yes, making employees happy and keeping them that way is most important. Since there is competition in the market so many new companies are entering and because of that, sticking up to one job and one organization is not in the plans for the workforce. People like to switch jobs when there is a better opportunity for their careers and also when there are better compensation packages which other organizations offers them. But, if you give them excelling opportunities in your organization, they will stick there and if you keep them happy by fulfilling all the needs, then it is a bonus point for you.

You cannot stop only by providing good compensation packages, there’s more to the story. You have to fulfill all the levels of needs that employee has. By looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we see that there are many levels of employees needs like basic, psychological and also self-fulfillment needs. By fulfilling these all levels or even starting to fulfill these levels, you will see a great change in the performance level of your workforce and employees will be happier, they will try to complete the tasks on time and effectively and also, they will be more determined and dedicated to take the organization up.

There are many examples of organizations in front of us which takes this matter of keeping employees happy very seriously. Their employees perform well and are loyal to their organization. Companies which do not take this seriously, needs to take it seriously and make better policies and management systems in order to take care of their employees.


Hussain Haider.


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